Yarborough interviewed for Press Herald article on wild blueberry price drop

David Yarborough, a wild blueberry specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and a professor in the UMaine School of Food and Agriculture, was interviewed for a Portland Press Herald article on the drop in price of wild blueberries, which is at its lowest in more than 30 years. The article cited UMaine data showing the price for Maine wild blueberries last year was 26 cents per pound, the lowest price since 1985. This is a result of competition from Canadian blueberry production and the cultivated blueberry industry, the article states. “The issue really has been that we have had several good years of very high production. We are a victim of our own success,” said Yarborough. “We were increasing productivity faster than the markets could bear the fruit, and we have competition that we haven’t had before.” The Sun Journal published the Press Herald article.