News Center Maine quotes Yarborough in report on blueberry industry

News Center Maine quoted David Yarborough, a wild blueberry specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and a professor in the UMaine School of Food and Agriculture, in an article about decline in the wild blueberry industry. With both production and prices decreasing, Maine’s wild blueberry growers face a difficult year ahead. The 2017 crop was the smallest since 2005, News Center Maine reports. “Certainly in the current price situation those [Wyman’s of Maine] fields are no longer viable for production at the prices we have now. They have to look at the productivity of the land and what’s competitive in the current situation,” said Yarborough. A recent frost in northern Maine led Yarborough to predict a challenging year for wild blueberry growers, but he “is optimistic the industry will bounce back,” according to the report.