Undercurrent News quotes Wahle in article on tariffs, lobster industry

Undercurrent News quoted Rick Wahle, a research professor at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center, in an article on the impact of tariffs on Maine’s lobster industry. Tariffs and the related trade war with China will likely hurt the industry, especially if harvest is decreased. The harvest in 2016 was a record high, while the 2017 harvest showed a 16 percent reduction from the previous year, according to the article. Wahle has been studying lobster settlements for 30 years and charting expected numbers seven years in the future, when the lobsters usually reach harvestable size. His research team predicted the 2017 harvest decline and expects another one for 2018, though he noted his predictions are not always accurate and many factors can influence the outcome. “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, until we compare to what we see in actual landings. This has proven to be a wacky fishery with all of these ups and downs that weren’t necessarily anticipated. But I think we are getting a better handle on it,” Wahle said.