Media cite Lobster Institute statistics in reports on calico lobster

Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal, Food & Wine, NECNThe Daily Astorian and the Associated Press cited statistics from the University of Maine Lobster Institute in reports about a calico lobster. Caught off the coast of Pine Point in Scarborough, Maine by lobsterman Anthony Belanger, the lobster is being kept at Belanger’s workplace, Scarborough Fish & Lobster. Belanger told media the owners of the business are trying to decide between selling the lobster and donating it to the University of New England, and — inspired by its Halloween-like coloring — have named it “Friendly Krueger” after the horror movie character Freddy Krueger. According to the Lobster Institute, the odds of catching a calico lobster are about one in 30 million. This is more rare than the blue lobster, found once in about 2 million, but more common than the split-color lobster, occurring once in 50 million, or the albino lobster occurring once in 100 million the Press Herald reported, citing the Lobster Institute. Bangor Daily News, WABI (Channel 5), U.S. News & World Report and WGME (Channel 13 in Portland) carried the AP article.