Press Herald cites Lobster Institute statistics in report on lavender, calico lobsters

The Portland Press Herald cited statistics from the University of Maine Lobster Institute in a report on lavender and calico lobsters caught outside Portland Harbor. Greg Turner, co-owner of Turner’s Lobster in Scarborough, caught a lavender-colored lobster several weeks ago. His son, who fishes from his own boat, caught a calico lobster in July, the Press Herald reported. They decided to display both lobsters at their lobster pound to give customers a chance to see the rare coloration. Turner said he had caught a few calico lobsters previously during his career of more than 25 years, but never a lavender one. He is considering donating the lobsters to an aquarium, or releasing them back into the ocean, but refuses to cook them. Calico lobsters are rare — occurring once in 30 million — while blue lobsters are found once in 2 million, according to the Lobster Institute. Sun Journal published the Press Herald article.