Media cite Lobster Institute statistics in report on calico lobster

The Associated Press, The Baltimore SunCNNBethesda Magazine and Chesapeake Bay Magazine cited a statistic from the University of Maine Lobster Institute in a report on a calico lobster found in a shipment last month from Maine to Ocean City Seafood in Silver Spring, Maryland. The lobster is being held in a special tank and might be relocated to an aquarium, the articles state. Calico lobsters occur about once in every 30 million, and are more rare than blue and live red lobsters, according to the Lobster Institute. But they are not as rare as split-colored lobsters, or albino lobsters, which are found once in 100 million, The Baltimore Sun and CNN reported, citing the Lobster Institute. The Bangor Daily News, WABI (Channel 5), Seymour Tribune, WTOP in Washington, Herald-Mail MediaWHDH (Channel 7 in Boston) and WJZ-TV (Channel 13 in Baltimore) carried the AP article. WJW (Channel 8 in Cleveland) carried the CNN article.