Sierra magazine quotes Gill in article on effects of government shutdown

Sierra magazine quoted Jacquelyn Gill, an assistant professor of paleoecology and plant ecology at the University of Maine, in the article, “What the government shutdown means for food, farmers, and eaters.” The U.S. government shutdown is now in its 26th day, leaving nonessential discretionary programs in nine of the 15 departments closed, including the United States Department of Agriculture, the article states. Nearly 67 percent of USDA employees are considered noncritical and are furloughed, and those considered essential are working without pay. The shutdown is affecting the agricultural sector in several ways, including related research. “We can’t apply for the USDA permits we need to import soil and plant samples for my Ph.D. student’s research,” Gill tweeted. “I can’t apply to do the work we need to do at @BeringLandNPS. Both of these could jeopardize our field season and set back our work a year.”