GMRI produces video on Golet’s bluefin tuna research

The Gulf of Marine Research Institute produced a video about bluefin tuna research by Walter Golet, who is an assistant research professor with the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine based at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Golet, who studies the populations and life histories of fish, focuses on bluefin tuna, which he said are fascinating because they are large in size, warm-blooded and have a mysterious life history. He noted the term “bluefin” actually refers to three different species — Pacific, Southern and Atlantic bluefin. “One of the best parts about my job is the interconnectedness that I have with management, with assessment and with the actual fishing communities, be they recreational or commercial,” said Golet. “And it’s really a partnership between all of those different facets that makes our research program run. It’s the samples we collect from the industry, it’s the feedback we get from the assessment and management groups as to what they need and where the holes in life history actually exist, and take that information, incorporate it and move forward towards the sustainability of tuna populations in the Atlantic.”