Town Line quotes Mortelliti in article on ermine

The Town Line quoted Alessio Mortelliti, an assistant professor of wildlife habitat ecology at the University of Maine, in an article about ermine entering people’s homes. There have been several recent reports of ermine, the name for a short-tailed weasel with its white winter coat, entering homes in Harpswell, Cumberland and Bangor. Weasels are naturally curious and common throughout Maine, but people do not often see them because they’re well camouflaged and move quickly, according to The Town Line. “It’s pretty much anywhere in the world, plus it’s an invasive species in some places,” said Mortelliti. And ermine are bold and aggressive. “They can go for prey that is bigger than them,” such as young rabbits and hares, though they prefer mice and voles, according to Mortelliti. To remove weasels from the home, the article recommends using a baited trap, with fresh meat placed far enough into the trap that the weasel has to completely enter to reach it and will be trapped inside. Weasels are known to bite, so wearing heavy gloves is a good precaution when handling the trapped animal and taking it deep into the woods, the article states.