Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

What is my student ID number?
Your student ID number can be found on you MaineStreet account in the upper right corner above your “Message Center.” It’s a good idea to memorize this number as you will use it often.

I have questions/comments/concerns about my schedule, who do I contact?
For questions about you schedule you should contact your program coordinator. Each of our academic units (schools or departments) has a program coordinator who serves as the advisor to new students.  If you need to know your program coordinator’s name or contact information, there is a list of all the departments and who to contact in the Fall Readiness folder. You also can see who your advisor is by going to your MaineStreet account and looking on the bottom right of the page under the “Advisor” tab.

I don’t want to take the classes assigned me to, what do I do?
Program Coordinators and advisors assign schedules based on what you will need for classes to graduate in four years. A lot of upper level classes build off of what you take your first semester. Some programs have very strict schedules while others are a bit more flexible. The best thing to do is talk to your program coordinator or advisor if you have any concerns about your class schedule.

Where do I find the textbooks required for my classes?
You can find your textbooks by going to MaineStreet and looking at your class schedule in the “List” view, and at the top of the page there will be a link for “Textbook Information”. When you click that link it will bring you to the list of required books for your classes. Most classes will have books posted by mid-August if they require them.

I’ve tried contacting my program coordinator/department and I haven’t gotten a response, what do I do?
A lot of our program coordinators are also researchers, and many spend time during the summer months working on research away from their offices. It can be difficult to contact them by phone during this time. If you have tried calling and are having no luck reaching them, try emailing them. While they might not always be in their office, they do check their emails regularly.  If you are still having trouble contact your program coordinator, please email nsfaacademics@maine.edu and we’ll be happy to help you.

*Note: Please be sure to include your full name and student ID number in addition to your question/concern when emailing your coordinator or the dean’s office.

I was told that I need a waiver for my parent/guardian/spouse to get information about me from the University, what is this?
Federal law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA) requires that the university keep all of your information private unless you give us permission otherwise. This automatically goes into effect once you become an accepted student at UMaine. In order to waive your FERPA rights for specific people, you need to fill out a waiver form and submit it to student records. A PDF copy can be found in the Fall Readiness folder, but you MUST submit it to student records in Wingate Hall. For more information on FERPA, and what information we can and cannot share, visit the Student Records website. Note: The exception to this privacy rule is if you violate any drug or alcohol policies on campus. In this case, your parents will be notified.

What is the financial responsibility statement and where can I find it?
The Financial Responsibility Statement describes your financial responsibilities when you accept financial aid from the University. You need to complete this before you will be allowed to accept any financial aid or enroll in your classes. It can be found in your MaineStreet account under the “To Do” list section to the right and must be completed through this method. For more information visit Student Financial Aid.