School of Forest Resources

Morning Ag Clips reports on study that finds beech rising, maple declining

Morning Ag Clips published a University of Maine news release about significant changes occuring in the composition of hardwood forests in the Northeastern United States. In the past 30 years in Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont, climate-associated changes have increased the abundance of American beech compared to three other hardwood species commonly associated […]

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American beech dominating, abundance of maples declining due to climate-associated changes in northeastern forests

The composition of hardwood forests in the northeastern United States is changing significantly. In the past 30 years in forestlands in four states, climate-associated changes have increased the abundance of American beech compared to three other hardwood species commonly associated with the regional forests, according to University of Maine-led research team. The significant shift to […]

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Leahy discusses state’s forest resources on ‘Positively Maine’ radio show

Jessica Leahy, a professor of human dimensions of natural resources at the University of Maine, was a recent guest on Newsradio WGAN’s “Positively Maine” radio show. Leahy discussed the School of Forest Resources, forestry students, legacy planning for older landowners, wood banks and other projects that have had a positive effect on Maine’s family forests.

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Wabanaki Youth in Science

Native American ecological knowledge and western science will be integrated in some University of Maine science courses, with the goal of implementing the methods nationwide. With a $300,000 National Science Foundation INCLUDES (Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science) grant, tribal and UMaine collaborators will develop science […]

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Saving a seminal species

A native fungal pathogen that has increasingly damaged eastern white pine throughout New England in the last three decades has been found to be most severe in stressed, weakened trees, such as those growing in poor soils or in extremely dense, overstocked stands. Extremes in climate also are predisposing trees to more damage due to […]

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hemlock tree new species

UMaine-led team discover new hemlock species

A new species of hemlock has been identified on Ulleungdo, an island east of the Korean peninsula, which may lead to the temperate conifer being considered for conservation. The Ulleungdo hemlock (Tsuga ulleungensis) was identified by an international team led by Garth Holman, a research associate in the School of Biology and Ecology at the […]

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Crandall, Nelson join team analyzing impacts of winter weather whiplash

If you think Maine’s winter weather has been wilder lately you are likely right. Recent volatile shifts in winter weather are likely connected to rapid changes in arctic weather and sea ice cover. To improve scientists’ and communities’ understanding of winter weather whiplash, and what it means for seasonally snow-covered landscapes like Maine, the National […]

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AP quotes Livingston in report on how drought may have aided storm

William Livingston, an associate professor of forest resources at the University of Maine, spoke with the Associated Press for a report about how drought conditions, recent rainfall and an unusual storm path in Maine may have contributed to the large numbers of trees that toppled during a recent storm that hit the Northeast. Several factors […]

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Crandall adds expertise to Maine Public story about manufactured wood products

Mindy Crandall, assistant professor of forest management and economics at the University of Maine, was cited in a Maine Public article about the growing demand for manufactured wood products. While Maine has lost more 2,400 papermaking jobs over the last six years, Crandall said businesses in Maine can do well by focusing on Lincoln Logs, […]

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