Graduate Student Publishes Financial ‘Attitudes’ Book

ORONO — University of Maine Ph.D. student and personal financial planner Sarah Morehead has recently published a book, I Hate Money! Understanding Your Financial Attitude, presenting the basics of finance and consumer attitudes that can interfere with sensible handling of money and credit.

As a lecturer in the Household Financial Education, Morehead has spent the past few semesters teaching and counseling hundreds of UMaine undergraduates and middle and high school students about the psychology of economics and basic budgeting.

The research assistant in the School of Economics outlines in easily understood language and simple examples the principles of personal economics, credit, investing and money and the world of money tomorrow. Morehead says she wrote the 108-page book with young people in mind.

A book-signing is scheduled Friday, May 27 at 7 p.m. at the University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor, and is free and open to the public.

People who are uneasy about financial management need a more elementary introduction, starting with preconceived notions, Morehead says. “Many people either love or hate money, depending on whether they successfully manage it or whether it manages them,” she says.

Chief among the messages is that helping students understand their “financial personality” leads to a more successful structure for managing household finances. Morehead explores the “psychology of money” and the “emotional hang-ups and personal values — the barriers people don’t often address.”

Morehead’s approach is more fundamental than many community-based household finance programs, which often present financial information to audiences with a working knowledge of finance.

“High school and middle school students are really our targets,” she says of the Household Financial Education Program. The book is ideal for graduating seniors “as they set out into the unknown,” Morehead says.

I Hate Money! Understanding Your Financial Attitude, which is available in an e-book format, can be purchased at

Contact: Sarah Morehead, (207) 951-4551