Nurse Educator journal features School of Nursing disaster simulation

Kelley Strout, assistant professor of nursing, is the lead author of “Interprofessional Mass Casualty Incident Simulation Design Protocol to Prepare Prelicensure Nursing Students to Respond to a Disaster,” in the journal Nurse Educator. The simulation on campus in April 2016 was designed to train nursing students and first responders. It featured a simulated bus accident and 31 victim actors with a range of injuries, including those that are life-threatening. The simulation was designed to provide hands-on training for 34 UMaine senior nursing students in a 400-level community and population health class, led by Strout while providing additional training for University Volunteer Ambulance Corps (UVAC) and local emergency responders. The journal article was co-authored by School of Nursing faculty members Deborah Saber, Lisa Swanson-Caruso and Charlene Ingwell-Spolan; Aiden Koplovsky, UMaine zoology major and UVAC chief; Erica Caron, School of Nursing graduate student and staff developer at Eastern Maine Medical Center; UMaine nursing students Jennifer Federico and Colon Hulst; and School of Performing Arts student Isabelle Eltro.