Maine Science Festival presentations available online

As part of the fourth annual Maine Science Festival March 15–18 in Bangor, several UMaine community members gave 5-Minute Genius presentations, described as “short, sharp talks by some of Maine’s finest scientists.” Those presentations are now online.

In addition, the festival included a taping of “You’re the Expert,” a live show and podcast featuring a panel of comedians who “try to get to the bottom of what a distinguished scientist studies all day.” The goal of the program is to “make academic research more accessible and exciting” to the public.

Kristy Townsend, a UMaine alumna and assistant professor of neurobiology, was the expert who joined host Chris Duffy and comedians Roy Wood Jr., Michelle Buteau and Charlie Hankin through the raucous game show segments focused on ferreting out her research field. In the lab, Townsend works to unravel the mysteries of the nervous system and how the brain regulates energy balance.

The Bangor show is expected to air early this fall, and a podcast will be available.