Camire quoted in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on white, green asparagus

Mary Ellen Camire, a professor of food science and human nutrition at the University of Maine and fellow with the Institute of Food Technologists, spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for an article about white and green asparagus. Camire, who studies the sensory evaluation and nutritional content of foods, said white asparagus requires a vegetable peeler. “It has a thicker skin than we’re used to with the green asparagus,” she said, noting that the “vampire vegetable” probably became more thick-skinned because of its immersion in soil. She described the taste as “gentler and creamier” than the green variety. Camire said there has not been a lot of nutritional quality testing of white asparagus, but noted it is likely similar to green asparagus, which means it is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants, the article states.