Media advances international lobster conference

The Associated Press, Portland Press Herald and WABI (Channel 5) advanced the 11th International Conference & Workshop on Lobster Biology and Management taking place June 4–9 in Portland. Scientists will meet to discuss how a changing ocean environment and global economy is affecting the biology and business of lobsters, the Press Herald reported. More than 250 biologists, oceanographers, fishery managers and industry members from 15 nations plan to attend the event, according to University of Maine marine scientist Rick Wahle, a co-chairman of the symposium. American lobster is the country’s most valuable fishery, Wahle said. “Maine lobster is a symbol of our state around the world, and the economic value of the fishery cannot be overstated,” he told the Press Herald. “But it’s more than that. Because it’s such a recognizable species, it is an instantly recognizable poster child for the impact of the changing environment on our fisheries. It is a great species to convey the ecological effects of climate change. And it hits a lot of people who live on the coast right in the pocketbook.” Boston Herald carried the AP report.