Lincoln County News reports on DMC science illustration workshop

The Lincoln County News published a University of Maine news release about natural science illustration workshops held at the Darling Marine Center in Walpole. For the past eight years, the center has been hosting the workshops led by David Wheeler, who taught illustration to college students in New York for over three decades before moving to Maine two years ago. Last July, he and his wife opened Habitat: Open Ocean, a museum in Harpswell that houses scientific illustrations and artifacts from around the world. During the workshops, Wheeler brings his expertise as an illustrator and his enthusiasm for the natural world with his collection of fossils, bones, and objects found in ocean habitats. For Linda and Terry Castor of Illinois, the workshop has become an annual tradition. “The Darling Center became a special place to us,” Linda Cator said. “Here, I get to be among people who appreciate science and art as much as I do.”