Steneck mentioned in Free Press article on Maine’s lobster industry

Bob Steneck, a professor of marine sciences at the University of Maine, was included in a Free Press article about the current state of Maine’s lobster industry. Dave Cousens, president of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, has been fishing out of South Thomaston for 50 years, according to the article. He started recording water temperatures from his fishing boat in 1981 when lobstering provided a stable living. That was also about the time marine scientists were talking about a potential lobster fishing crash, the article states. When UMaine hired Steneck, an enthusiastic marine explorer and an experienced diver, Cousens pushed the association members to start working with — and not against — scientists. Working with lobstermen up and down the coast, Steneck found abundant baby lobsters crawling around the bottom of the ocean, indicating that a new generation was coming, the Free Press reported.