Strong speaks with Press Herald for article on ocean acidification

Aaron Strong, an assistant professor of marine policy at the University of Maine, was interviewed by the Portland Press Herald for the article, “State largely ignores role as seas grow more acidic.” Despite a bipartisan recognition of a threat to Maine’s shellfish industry, leadership on ocean acidification has fallen to a volunteer group of scientists and conservationists, according to the article. “This is a volunteer partnership with no money, but this bottom-up, ‘let’s do it together and see what we can get done’ is kind of a Maine story,” said Strong, who sits on the ad hoc group’s steering committee. “We’re making substantive progress on all the recommendations.” Strong recently attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bonn Germany, the article states. “Being able to work directly with the folks who are working hard on this in other states and countries, that was the most meaningful part of my experience here,” he said. “It’s great to have Maine have a little taste of being part of the world stage.”