WLBZ interviews CCI grad student on how to dress warm in winter

Kimberley Miner, an Earth and climate scientist and graduate student at the University of Maine, spoke with WLBZ (Channel 2) about how to keep warm in cold temperatures. Miner studies climate change by researching glaciers and has been to places including Antarctica and Alaska, according to the report. Her gear has kept her warm in the toughest conditions, even eight days in a tent during a blizzard in Alaska, WLBZ reported. “For us, a lot of the mistakes you can make in the winter can be avoidable: Not staying warm, getting wet, not dressing appropriately. We can avoid a lot of the dangers and challenges that come from those risks,” Miner said. “So it’s important that you do the little things so that you’re protected in cold weather.” Miner said wearing a base layer that is not cotton is one of the most important things to remember.