The Fish Site reports on aquaculture industry research led by Noblet, Rickard

The Fish Site reported University of Maine research indicates the aquaculture industry is poised for growth through strategic outreach and consumer education. Globally, the marine aquaculture industry generates roughly $166 billion per year. However, the United States lags in international markets,  and for the industry to grow, there must be a general understanding and acceptance of farmed marine foods by the public, according to the article. With that in mind, UMaine researchers designed and implemented a nationally distributed survey to better understand perceptions and knowledge of sustainable aquaculture in the U.S. The team was led by assistant professor of economics Caroline Noblet and assistant professor of risk communication Laura Rickard. The researchers found relatively low industry awareness among consumers, which suggests public opinion may be altered with ongoing education and outreach efforts aimed at informing a collective understanding about aquaculture, the article states.