Sun Journal cites Reeve in story about untreated ‘raw water’

The Sun Journal cited University of Maine hydrogeologist Andrew Reeve in a story about the Maine company that began selling unfiltered, untreated “raw water.” According to the report, Summit Spring Water Inc., which sells the bottled water under the brand Tourmaline Spring, went viral following the publication of a December New York Times story outlining the raw water phenomenon. Since they have received everything from rave reviews, scathing ridicule and even threats. Some praise the product, regarding it as a pure, clean and untampered alternative to other types of bottled water. Others, however, see it as an irresponsible trend, citing the potential for contamination from dangerous disease causing bacteria, pesticides and other chemicals. In light of the worldwide criticism, Bryan Pullen, CEO of Summit Spring Water, told the Sun Journal that “news organizations need to stop interviewing emergency room doctors and talk to geologists, hydrogeologists and laboratories and people who understand the Earth and water quality. Reeve, who was not familiar with the company’s product or the larger raw water trend outside of the media hype, told the Sun Journal that sediments and rocks have the ability naturally filter out microorganisms that carry disease, but couldn’t say that it filters out everything, every time. “Historically, people went to springs because they did filter out, in some cases, all the bacteria,” said Reeve. “Certainly it cleans the water more than most surface water, but there’s always the chance something is going to get through.”