Motherboard publishes feature on Gill

Jacquelyn Gill, a University of Maine paleoecologist, and her research is the focus of the Motherboard article, “This ecologist finds clues to Anthropocene survival in ice age extinctions.” Gill describes herself as “an ice age ecologist in a warming world,” according to the article. As an expert on the Pleistocene era and an advocate for social justice, Gill has made a name for herself as an interdisciplinary dynamo who is outspoken about the need for a more open and inclusive science sector, the article states. Gill currently is interested in how ecological and climate shifts of the past can equip us to confront those in the present and future, Motherboard reported.  “We’ve been moving away from hyperspecialization into more interdisciplinary questions, and I think it’s a recognition that the global change problems we want to solve are complex and touch on many aspects of the Earth, so to make traction on any of these problems, you really need it to be interdisciplinary,” she said.