NPQ quotes Kaye in article on rise in multigenerational households

Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) quoted Len Kaye, professor of social work and director of the University of Maine Center on Aging, in the article, “Multigenerational households on the rise: Are nonprofits ready?” Housing planners already see friction between a system designed to accommodate the drive for long-term independent living with the needs of multigenerational households, according to the article. NPQ cited Kaye from a recent Social Work Today article. “During the course of giving it their all to someone they love so deeply, family members often forego their own needs, such as keeping doctors’ appointments and maintaining a social life,” Kaye said. “These families quickly discover that the infrastructure isn’t prepared for them to take on that role. Insurance companies, educational systems, and housing options are not always accommodating, so oftentimes families find themselves unprepared to take on a considerable financial, physical and emotional strain.”