Ewe Maine Icelandics Club members speak with WABI about lambing season

Members of the University of Maine student group, Ewe Maine Icelandics Club, spoke with WABI (Channel 5) about lambing season at UMaine’s J.F. Witter Teaching and Research Center. Every spring, the students spend most of their time at the farm because that’s when the sheep are giving birth, according to the report. “You’re at the barn more than you’re at your own house, just trying to get everything ready to make sure that things can go as smoothly as possible,” said Connor Leydon, treasurer of the group. From birthing to genetics to experimentation with artificial insemination, the students said being in the club has given them a hands-on experience in animal sciences, but it’s really a group for anyone, the report states. “It started with animal science students interested in taking care of the sheep and from then we sort of grew into the sheep club of people who are just interested in learning about sheep care, sheep management, and those who just love sheep, so we invite a lot of students from not only animal science majors but all majors as well,” said Kyle Alamo, club vice president. “It’s very multifaceted, it’s not just about sheep,” said Jaime Boulos, president of the group. “It’s about problem-solving skills, it’s about using the information you learned previously in schools and integrating it into a real-life situation.”