Bricknell quoted in Undercurrent News article on infectious salmon anemia in Newfoundland

Ian Bricknell, a professor of aquaculture at the University of Maine, spoke with Undercurrent News for an article about a recent discovery of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) at one of Northern Harvest Sea Farms’ facilities on the coast of Newfoundland. Northern Harvest maintains at least seven recently stocked salmon farms in clumps within a roughly six-mile radius of the contaminated site. Such a close concentration of farms puts them all at greater risk of contamination, one longtime salmon farming professional told Undercurrent. Bricknell also expressed concern over maintaining salmon farms in close proximity. He said it likely means the government will want to test each one extensively for ISA. But proximity isn’t the only thing to consider in such circumstances, Bricknell added, stating tidal behavior also can be a factor.