Northeastern States Research Cooperative report reflects 16 years of northern forest research

The Northeastern States Research Cooperative (NSRC) has released its comprehensive report on 16 years of scientific contributions to northern forest research.

NSRC state directors are Aaron Weiskittel, University of Maine; William “Breck” Bowden, University of Vermont; William McDowell, University of New Hampshire; and David Newman, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

From 2001–17, 335 NSRC projects involved 176 researchers and engaged 50 institutions, agencies and organizations across the Northeast. NSRC-funded projects also generated over 300 peer-reviewed papers.

Research focused on atmospheric pollution, forest management and productivity, land use planning, forest ecology, forest health and invasive species, recreation and tourism, energy and carbon, climate change, community and landowner engagement, water and watersheds, economy of the northern forest region, wildlife, forest products, and conservation and biodiversity.

NSRC is a competitive grant program for northern forest research, authorized by federal legislation with allocations to the program directed by the USDA Forest Service. It has been jointly directed through the Forest Service Northern Research Station and the designated institutions in the four northern forest states.