Maine Public reports on high number of applicants to UMS nursing programs

Maine Public reported the University of Maine System is anticipating a record number of nursing applicants for the 2018–2019 school year, even as the state continues to struggle with nursing shortages. Dan Demeritt, executive director of public affairs for the University of Maine System, said that as of May 1, the UMaine School of Nursing had received more than 1,300 applications for its bachelor of nursing program. The number of fall openings for that program is 110, according to the report. Similar trends are being seen at other UMaine campus nursing programs, the report states. Efforts to increase the number of applicants who can be admitted to nursing programs would be bolstered by a $75 million workforce infrastructure investment bond. The bond has received bipartisan support, but it remains on the unfinished business list for the Maine Legislature, which adjourned earlier this month, Maine Public reported. Mainebiz also reported on the increase in nursing applicants.