UMaine mentioned in Medium article on restoration of Arctic charr at Big Reed Pond

The University of Maine was mentioned in a Medium article about a project to restore Arctic charr at Big Reed Pond. The Arctic charr, also known as blueback trout, is found in just one state in the Lower 48  —  Maine. Charr were the first fish species to colonize Maine waters when the glaciers receded over present-day North America. They now exist in only 14 lakes and ponds in the state, according to the article. Big Reed Pond  —  one of those lakes  —  came under threat when rainbow smelt, a fish native to some waters in Maine, were illegally introduced into Big Reed Pond. Smelt caused charr numbers to plummet, competing with them for food and feeding on newly hatched charr, the article states. Though the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife had been managing charr populations since the 1960s, the threat of rainbow smelt kicked their efforts into high gear, beginning a 10-year process to reclaim Big Reed Pond. The project is supported by several groups, including UMaine, the article states.