Implementation plan: Life sciences building

Roadmap Initiative/Objective

Accelerating Facility Renewal and Modernization:
Develop a plan for a new life sciences building to support the college’s and UMaine life science programs including completing a full assessment of capacity and facility needs for teaching, research, and service in life sciences, a building design, and developing cost estimates. Develop and implement a communication strategy to advocate for the proposed new life sciences building and seek the required support and funding.

Action Plan Objectives

  1. Develop an overall strategy and planning process for the life sciences building initiative.
  2. Compile and review currently available input and information on the life science building project.
  3. Complete a preliminary assessment on capacity needs in the college as potentially related to design considerations for a new life science building
  4. Outline an internal communication strategy for the design and future advocacy of a new building and begin communication activities within the university.
  5. Report progress and work plans for 2019-20 to the Executive Committee at its June or August summer retreat in 2019.


Create a steering committee for life science building development.

  • Develops strategy and guides work.
  • Creates and directs assessment and design teams.
  • Committee of faculty and staff. Supported by dean’s office staff.
  • Outputs: report on 2018-19 progress and work plans for 2019-20 to the Executive Committee at its August 2019 retreat.

Lead responsibility:  Fred Servello