New Faculty: Sean Sibley

Portrait of Sean SibleySean Sibley recently joined the School of Nursing as a Lecturer.

Why UMaine?
UMaine raised me! I grew up in the area and knew I wanted to provide healthcare to my community. I have been afforded many opportunities to advance my knowledge and career from my network at UMaine. I love the collegial atmosphere and being surrounded by the Maine nature.

What has your journey been to this point?
I came to UMaine in 2010 to study nursing and theatre. I worked in critical care nursing as a registered nurse while completing my Master of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner program at UMaine. During this time I also spent 7 years working for Student Life in the Career Center. I also have graduate certificates in Gerontology and Nursing Education. I have been and remain involved in many campus groups include the Senior Skull Honor Society, Alpha Tau Omega, and the Mitchell Scholarship Institute.

Please tell us about your teaching and research interests.
I teach nurse practitioner students as well as undergraduate medical-surgical nursing. My interests are in family medicine, cognitive decline, and simulation in nursing education.

When did you discover a passion for your specialty and what do you wish more people knew about it?
Being a nurse practitioner allows me to practice medicine through the lens of nursing philosophy. Teaching is a professional obligation (and joy) to ensure that quality healthcare is available wherever nurse practicioners can practice as the profession grows. Many people do not realize that nurse practicioners have full practice authority in Maine meaning that they often function on the same level, and with the same expectations as the physicians they work beside. Research has demonstrated that patient outcomes are the same, and sometimes better, when managed by nurse practicioners.