Roadmap update: Strengthening our support systems

Initiative 9: Strengthening our support systems as the foundation for program excellence.

Based on the feedback from faculty, staff and administrator listening sessions, a group was formed to develop and test a shared administrative model. The initial focus is on gaining improvements in the procurement, grant and account management functions. The pilot group consists of the School of Biology and Ecology, the School of Economics and Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Although the timeline for this project has been impacted by the pandemic, the move to remote work has also necessitated finding new ways to communicate and provide services. The group is currently testing out standardized tools and reporting to provide improved financial services to unit leaders and faculty.

We are also working with the Office of Research Administration to see if we can partner with them in developing campus wide web-served reporting.

Work is under way with Human Resources to review the administrative roles and job descriptions in the college and explore opportunities for career pathing and advancement.