The Roadmap to Excellence was developed to guide the College of  Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture from 2018 to 2023.

The plan was developed from 2017 to 2018 through an intentionally broad and inclusive process led by Dean Fred Servello.  The roadmap’s nine initiatives chart our course for advancement to better serve our disciplines, students, and state.

Here, you will find the initiatives and objectives outlined in the roadmap, and updates regarding our progress in each of these areas.

Roadmap Activities - AY 2020-2021

Initiative 1: Achieving excellence in undergraduate student advising and program quality.

Establishment of new academic support center. Read more.

Initiative 5: Accelerating facility renewal and modernization.

The college continues to plan for a large infrastructure project centered around a new life sciences building and greenhouse. Read more.  

Initiative 6: Expanding our private and public fundraising efforts.

The college has initiated an external Life Sciences Advisory Board and is developing pathways and training for individual faculty and staff. Read more.

Initiative 8: Communicating our impact to advance our success.

We developed a new research map and faculty expertise directory. Read more.

Initiative 9: Strengthening our support systems as the foundation for program excellence.

We developed and are piloting a shared model for administrative services among academic units. We are also working with other offices on campus to try to develop campus wide web-served  research reporting, and to review our administrative roles and explore opportunities for career pathing and advancement. Read more. 

Roadmap Activities - AY 2018 - 2019

Initiative 4: Rising to meet Maine’s health care needs.

Initiative 5: Accelerating facility renewal and modernization.

  • Develop a plan for a new life sciences building to support the college’s and UMaine life science programs including completing a full assessment of capacity and facility needs for teaching, research, and service in life sciences, a building design, and developing cost estimates. Develop and implement a communication strategy to advocate for the proposed new life sciences building and seek the required support and funding.