Alumni Spotlight: Jaime (Boyington) Rogers

Jaime (Boyington) Rogers graduated from UMaine with a BA in sociology in 1997, and returned for a Master’s of Social Work which she completed in 2006.

What difference has UMaine made in your life?
I have a fantastic career! Not only do I love my work, but it affords me a comfortable lifestyle. My UMaine education helped equip me for this career, and I am grateful for it!

What is your most memorable UMaine moment?
I continue to enjoy being on campus. I am grateful my alma mater is in my backyard, which allows me to give back and continue to be engaged to promote the University’s programs.

What do you currently do, and how did you get into this field?
I am a social worker working in healthcare administration. I have worked as a social worker for nearly 25 years, and moved into healthcare 15 years ago. I have held positions in many organizations, have been self-employed in my field, and continue to grow my professional skills.

What do you want the UMaine community to know about you now?
I have enjoyed a rewarding career. My degrees/education from UMaine amply prepared me for success. Though I am well beyond my first college days, I am glad I attended my local university, as I have the luxury of still going to campus for various events (sporting events, conferences, wellness activities (i.e. trails, races, etc.), and occasionally academic activities (guest speaking, advisory boards, etc.).

How does UMaine continue to influence your life?
I am an avid UMaine sports fan and have season tickets to some events. I continue to be involved with the School of Social Work, and have regular opportunities to be involved in helping new students learn/grow and gain experience or share my career/social work experiences. I would not have the career I have without a solid, strong education.