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bear statue

New study shows impact of out-of-state students on the Maine economy

A new study about the University of Maine’s out-of-state undergraduate students found that their activities generate a statewide annual economic impact of an estimated $160 million, according to UMaine Professor of Economics Todd Gabe. In addition to the annual economic contribution — including multiplier effects — in spending, Gabe found UMaine’s out-of-state undergraduate students fill […]

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katherine allen fossils

For Allen, fossils yield data to understand ocean circulation, climate

Katherine Allen is an ocean historian. But instead of pouring through old texts, she studies the chemical composition of tiny ancient fossil shells in Southwest Pacific marine sediment. Allen, a research assistant professor at the University of Maine, says these marine fossils — which have been accumulating on the seafloor for millions of years — […]

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Ph.D. student’s research recognized at Institute of Food Technologists meeting

Adeseye Lasekan, a Ph.D. student in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Program in the School of Food and Agriculture, was awarded first place in the Toxicology and Safety Evaluation Division student research poster competition organized by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). He is working with Balunkeswar (Balu) Nayak, an assistant professor of food […]

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whale phytoplankton baleen

Ocean salt, temperature can barricade phytoplankton, impact food web

Subtle, fleeting differences in ocean salinity or temperature can act as physical barricades for phytoplankton, which results in a patchy distribution of the most important food resource in the ocean and may explain the large biodiversity in the sea, say University of Copenhagen and University of Maine researchers. Ocean currents transport phytoplankton, or microscopic algae, […]

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salmon egg lab

Saving salmon, one embryo at a time

Read transcript For the past 15 years, aquacultural salmon farmers in Maine have struggled with plummeting embryo survival rates, forcing them to drastically increase the number of eggs they produce — which comes with a hefty price tag. LeeAnne Thayer, Ph.D. candidate in marine sciences at the University of Maine, is determined to find out […]

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berlynna student snake

Berlynna Heres: From working with rattlesnakes to American eels

Berlynna Heres, a doctoral student in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation, is applying her passion for snakes to her new research focus at the University of Maine — the American eel. American eels, common residents in Maine’s lakes and waterways, migrate to the ocean to spawn. Occasionally the fish must navigate one of […]

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buoy marine

Doctoral student seeks to end trial-and-error aquaculture

Locals and tourists flocking to the coast to eat fresh shellfish may not know about costs and risks that aquaculturists encounter getting the seafood to the table. One of the biggest issues for aquaculture farmers is selecting lease sites without knowing the physics and biology of the estuary environment, which can result in unpredictable productivity. […]

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darling marine center

Public invited to university-industry research symposium at DMC

Students, researchers, fishermen, aquaculturists and other marine professionals will gather at the University of Maine’s marine laboratory, Darling Marine Center (DMC), on Thursday, Aug. 11 for the SEA Fellows Summer Science Symposium. The SEA (Science for Economic Impact and Application) Fellows program is a new initiative developed by UMaine and the University of Maine at […]

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