Initiative 6: Expanding our private and public fundraising efforts.

Our strong relationships with alumni and partners in business and nongovernmental sectors have great potential for increasing private giving in support of our teaching and research.  Likewise, there is untapped potential for gaining more public funding for infrastructure and programs.  We will implement new means to encourage greater and more effective involvement by faculty, staff, administrators, and students in the college’s and UMaine’s private fundraising activities. We will put a greater emphasis on strategic approaches to targeted college-level fund-raising, both private and public. We will build on current fundraising or related initiatives (e.g., University of Maine Foundation’s Vision for Tomorrow Campaign and the college’s communication initiative). 

Success in this initiative will increase financial support for elements of the college’s other initiatives including infrastructure renewal, the life sciences building, undergraduate program quality, graduate education, and research. 


  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for private and public fundraising activities in the college.
  • Develop educational and training workshops to assist and encourage faculty and staff to participate in private fundraising efforts for UMaine, the college and academic units.
  • Identify college and unit priorities and prepare associated information to serve as prospectuses (case statements) for private fundraising campaigns at the college or university level.