Initiative 8: Communicating our impact to advance our success.

We will define our key audiences for communication and engage with them as outlined in the college’s strategic communication plan. We will shape the environment key decision makers operate in by encouraging influential people who have a genuine interest or connection to our work to speak to our value and needs. We will build channels to connect with alumni on a regular basis to build or reestablish their relationship with UMaine. We will develop new resources to encourage the college’s faculty, staff and students to communicate the impact of our work effectively and efficiently both on campus and across the state.


  • Cultivate relationships with select external stakeholders who have a reason to care about our work, improve their appreciation of what we do for them and position them to act on our behalf or directly assist us in the future.
  • Build relationships with alumni to keep them connected to their UMaine experience, and position them to act in our interest.
  • Create a larger and more personalized external communication network by encouraging and enhancing the communication efforts of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students by developing new tools and training resources and cultivating a shared identity at the college level.