Initiative 5: Accelerating facility renewal and modernization.

We will make greater strides in infrastructure renewal and facility modernization to support our teaching and research programs by employing new strategic management systems, working more effectively with UMS Facilities Management, advocating for key capacity needs, and prioritizing the baseline work on facility modernization required for effective fundraising.

We will develop and employ a capital planning process linked to our new infrastructure request system to optimize investments in facility renewal and leverage other funding opportunities. We will develop a portfolio of major renovation and modernization plans as a foundation for seeking funding from public and private sources.  We will make the planning and design of a new life sciences building one of the college’s highest priorities and advocate for and seek the required funding. We will create a new Coordinator of Operations position to improve communication between faculty and UMS Facilities Management during planning and construction phases of projects to speed time lines, improve outcomes and reduce costs. 

Our success with this initiative will have a long-term positive impact on the college’s success in recruiting and educating students to meet 21st century workforce needs and serving as a hub for

UMaine’s fundamental and applied research and development and improving the quality of life stateside and globally.  In the short term, these steps will accelerate improvements in the 779,288 ft2 of facility space in the college (approx. 430,000 ft2 on the Orono campus, 350,000 ft2 off campus).


  • Develop and implement a capital planning process that facilitates strategic planning for college facilities and improves the tracking and cost controls for infrastructure projects, better leverages UMS and UMaine initiatives and resources, improves coordination with Facilities Management and better positions the college for public and private fund-raising for facility modernization.
  • Expand the college’s new infrastructure request system to incorporate equipment directly associated with building infrastructure as an element of the capital planning process.
  • Develop improved systems for partnering with Facilities Management to accelerate infrastructure renewal in the college and streamline infrastructure projects and emergency repairs.
  • Develop a plan for a new life sciences building to support the college’s and UMaine life science programs including completing a full assessment of capacity and facility needs for teaching, research, and service in life sciences, a building design, and developing cost estimates. Develop and implement a communication strategy to advocate for the proposed new life sciences building and seek the required support and funding.