Initiative 7: Enhancing our culture of excellence: equity, inclusion and diversity.

The college will be a leader in making UMaine’s commitment to diversity more explicit and tangible. We will cultivate a workplace culture founded in mutual respect, create an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation, and foster a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity.  We will strengthen our ability to recruit and retain highly-qualified faculty, staff, and students to support these goals.  We will emphasize the creation of opportunities for student learning and experience that encompasses diverse perspectives and the support of research and scholarly activity that is mindful of the needs of underserved populations of Maine.  Success with these initiatives will enrich our college’s programs and serve the full breadth of Maine’s research and engagement needs.


  • Develop and implement a college strategic plan for equity, inclusion and diversity that describes our vision; defines the dimensions of diversity; describes the benefits and opportunities of an expanded commitment; and identifies resources internal and external to the college to support this initiative.
  • As an element of the above plan, outline short and long term strategies to advance our commitment to creating a diverse college community.
  • As an element of the above plan, provide our community access to diverse perspectives and address the research and development needs of our diverse constituencies.